"mother on a mission"

about the founder:

Our Mission:  To provide support and funding to charities and organizations who can best support families affected by Autism (ASD).

Autisms Angels was founded in November of 2013 by a "Mother on a Mission" Kara Onofrio.

Kara is a Mother on a Mission, Activist, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur.  She is a community leader praised for her Mission to bring awareness to the Autism Crisis we are currently facing.  Her goal is to raise funds to better support local charities that are best qualified to support people and families that are affected by Autism.

Founder of the Annual Autism Awareness Run/Walk in the Durham Region, we have raised $197,571 over the past 4 years which has been donated to Autism Ontario - Durham Chapter!  Kara is excited to continue to raise funds for other non-profits who assist and support individuals with Autism!

"My goal is to continue to raise awareness, gain the support we need for the individuals living with ASD and continue to make noise until we're heard!"  ~ Kara